Tuesday 26th May 2020
Welcome to my tiny slice of the interwebs... even if 'tis little more than a testing ground for my journey into the worlds of css, javascript, php, and mySQL.

Go Hawks...

Go Hawks...
My first animated GIF

My Calendar
> Karen's in 51 days on Jul 16.
> Amy's in 185 days on Nov 27.
> Matt's in 204 days on Dec 16.
> David's in 229 days on Jan 10.
> Ryan's in 281 days on Mar 3.
Hawk Haven
We're a happy team at Hawthorn! Here you can look at my Hawks site... and marvel at all that is brown and gold... from a mainly statistical perspective (thanks to the nigh on 30 years of results contained in the mySQL database).
Master Rarebit
From here you can access all my Android projects;
> Cricket Calculator.
> Crunch AFL.
> Aces & Eights (coming soon).

*** New: Click here to download a USER GUIDE for Crunch AFL. This guide will help you get more out of this app - with particular focus on using the parameters in Game Crunch.
Embittered Collective
A private forum for those lucky few who endure with me football tipping, footy treks, dream teams, poker nights, and halo sessions. There can be only one!
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